CredentialMyDoc for Medical Groups

Web-Based, Hassle-Free Provider Credentialing and Enrollment for Medical Groups

Did you know that a one-day delay on provider onboarding can cost your medical group $10,122? When it comes to provider credentialing and enrollment, you simply can’t afford not to have strategies and solutions in place that decrease cost, increase revenue, and accelerate the provider enrollment process.

The manual processes, combinations of disjointed point solutions, and workarounds you’ve been relying on to get by, are hindering your growth. With CredentialMyDoc you don’t have to choose between losing $10k a day and a making a large investment in more efficient credentialing and enrollment processes.

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CredentialMyDoc offers web-based hassle-free software for credentialing and provider enrollment. It simplifies data entry and validation, reduces manual errors on forms, streamlines medical billing, and increases provider satisfaction. With CredentialMyDoc you can:


  • Store, protect and share information and documents for providers, locations and Tax IDs
  • Interface with providers through a secure provider portal to exchange information and forms with DocuSign integration
  • Automate primary source verification with hundreds of sites, including DEA, OIG, and SAM
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CredentialMyDoc Provider With Payer


  • Rapidly complete applications utilizing a library of 7,000+ preformatted payer and facility applications
  • Utilize dozens of pre-built reports and quickly build custom reports through an intuitive interface
  • Use pre-defined tasks to create repeatable templates for workflow, email responses and other standardized content to reduce manual entry


  • Simply configure permissions
  • Record and report on all changes to data
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CredentialMyDoc and VerityStream

As the most experienced credentialing and provider enrollment company in the country, VerityStream understands that today’s growing medical groups face a unique set of challenges. As we worked side by side with our clients to identify the most efficient way to credential and enroll providers with payers for reimbursement, we recognized that CredentialMyDoc’s solutions were intuitive, easy to use, and fast to implement, especially in non-privilege-granting settings. That’s why CredentialMyDoc joined the VerityStream family in 2019.

If you’re seeking to transform your organization’s privileging and evaluation processes, CredentialStream may be a better-suited solution for you!

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