VerityStream's All-Star Four Phased Implementation Approach

Historically, consolidation and implementation of enterprise-wide credentialing, privileging and enrollment systems requires a multi-year process that consistently fails to meet client expectations. Vendors are not equipped to deliver best practices and recommendations during the process, ROI goals fall short, and go-live events are regularly met with frustration, anxiety and mountains of unexpected work. As a result, costs are high and the ability to implement new solutions remains out of reach.

Four Phased Implementation Methodology

With VerityStream’s proven and industry-leading four-phased approach (Plan, Train and Configure, Launch, and Optimize), we solve the significant implementation issues that have plagued many healthcare organizations in the past. By leveraging formal Project Management practices, the VerityStream methodology provides best-in-class service, complete alignment with customer needs, faster ROI, and consistent and reliable delivery that is on time and on budget every time.

Thorough Implementations

"VerityStream's implementation team is the most thorough team I've ever dealt with and I've been through four different software implementations!"
  • Shannon Bowden
    Contracting and Credentialing Manager
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    Implementations Key Benefits

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