CredentialStream for Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Privilege your Providers and Credential your Ambulatory Surgical Centers easily with CredentialStream

As payment reforms collide with consumer sentiment, and technology pushes outpatient care to new limits, outpatient surgery in the United States is growing in both frequency and complexity. According to research from Sg2, over the next decade, inpatient discharges are expected to decrease 2 percent while outpatient volumes will likely grow 15 percent across the U.S. As the government and payers scrutinize costs and push the shift to value-based care, outpatient surgery is becoming increasingly regulated.

At a busy Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC), it's easy to get overwhelmed and overlook the need to monitor privileges and credential your facility. But efficient credentialing and privileging processes are essential to collecting revenue and improving patient outcomes. The key to creating them is: AUTOMATION.

VerityStream's industry’s leading automated privileging and credentialing solution, delivers a comprehensive library of delineated privileges for more than 100 adult and pediatric specialties, including physicians, advanced practice professionals, and non-physician specialties. It also monitors health plan credentialing requirements, allowing you to stay on top of the facility credentialing process and ensuring your ability to provide care while eliminating inefficiencies and expediting reimbursement.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers Distinct Care Settings = Distinct Needs

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With CredentialStream you can:

  • Develop and maintain evidence-based privileging criteria
  • Clearly define the delineation of clinical privileges
  • Share privileging information with key stakeholders
  • Eliminate facility credentialing inefficiencies and expedite payer reimbursement

Get CredentialStream, and get a single system – built around the best content, data, and practices – to manage all your privileging and credentialing needs.

Outpatient surgery is expected to see an 11% increase
Outpatient surgery is expected to see an 11 percent increase from 2017 to 2022.


CMS continues to remove high-revenue procedures from inpatient-only lists, leading to an increase in demand for outpatient care.

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It often takes 60 to 90 days for ASCs to collect the credentialing material required for surgeons to perform cases.

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CredentialStream enables Ambulatory Surgical Center Providers To:

Protect Residents and Ensure That Quality Care is Delivered

Protect Patients and Ensure the Delivery of Quality Care Through Proven Privileging and Credentialing Processes

Industry growth is being fueled by research indicating that ASCs provide equal or better outcomes at a lower cost. We help by providing an automated and paperless process to manage your facility credentialing and privileging requests, delineations, and approvals. CredentialStream maintains high standards by electronically verifying and monitoring facility credentialing requirements and accreditation, licensure, certification, education, sanctions/exclusions and more for all provider types including Surgeons and Anesthesiologists, Dentists, Podiatrists, and Allied Health Professionals.

Paperless Credentialing

Go Paperless

Only a little more than half of the enrollment professionals we surveyed use some type of software solution to help automate their processes. A process rooted in paper leads to clerical errors and data loss. CredentialStream moves credentialing, privileging, and enrollment online – creating a single source of truth and eliminating the need for manual processes and file storage.

Streamline credentialing

Maintain Facility Compliance While Reducing Payer Enrollment Processing Times

It often takes 60 to 90 days for ASCs to collect credentialing material required for surgeons to perform cases at the center. Now you can manage, accelerate, and automate the process of requesting facility and provider participation in health insurance networks with thousands of pre-formatted forms that populate in seconds, including forms from CAQH, PECOS, Medicaid and more.

Reduce Aging Receivables and Claim Denials

Reduce Aging Receivables and Claim Denials

Estimates indicate that 80 percent of all credentialing applications submitted are lacking information required for the payer to process the application properly. CredentialStream automates your credentialing process so you can avoid clerical errors and oversights that halt payer reimbursement and a provider’s ability to practice.

Comply with current and future from federal and state

Create a Culture of Compliance

Navigating the complex healthcare regulatory environment can be difficult and regulation oversight can negatively impact the overall health of your ASC. With CredentialStream you can electronically verify and monitor performance according to standards set by: CMS, State Departments of Public Health, AAAHC, AAAASF, TJC, IMQ, HFAP, and more.


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