CredentialMyDoc for Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Automate Provider Enrollment and Credentialing for Your Customers with CredentialMyDoc

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to adapt to an increasingly changing landscape, including regulations, telehealth, and patient choice. Revenue cycle management companies are essential to alleviate the burden of credentialing and enrollment, so that your customers can focus on quality patient care and provider satisfaction, while you focus on improving their bottom line.

VerityStream is here to help you capture that market opportunity with a single software for revenue cycle management credentialing and enrollment service providers, CredentialMyDoc.

Verity for Revenue Cycle Management Services

CredentialMyDoc, web-based and hassle-free, simplifies data entry and validation, reduces manual errors on forms, speeds enrollment timelines, and increases provider satisfaction.


  • Store, protect and share information and documents for providers, locations and Tax IDs
  • Interface with providers through a secure provider portal to exchange information and forms with DocuSign integration
  • Automate primary source verification with hundreds of sites, including DEA, OIG, and SAM
Revenue Cycle Management - Platform
Revenue Cycle Management - Content


  • Rapidly complete applications utilizing a library of 7,000+ preformatted payer and facility applications
  • Utilize dozens of pre-built reports and quickly build custom reports through an intuitive interface
  • Use pre-defined tasks to create repeatable templates for workflow, email responses and other standardized content to reduce manual entry


  • Simply configure permissions
  • Record and report on all changes to data
Revenue Cycle Management - Data
Revenue cycle-Payer Applications
On average, your customer must process 18 payer applications per provider.

Revenue Cycle Outsourcing Credentialing
Outsourcing credentialing and enrollment services enables your customers to concentrate on their patients.

Revenue Cycle Less Than 10 Days
CredentialMyDoc enables you to complete Medicare Enrollment Applications in less than 10 days.

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