Bring Efficiency and Satisfaction to your Credentialing and Enrollment Team with CredentialMyDoc

Product Insight Webinar

If your medical group is managing credentialing and enrollment with a cobbled together mix of spreadsheets and software – it's time for an upgrade!

CredentialMyDoc offers growing medical groups an easy-to-use software solution that guides you step-by-step through onboarding, credentialing, and enrollment tasks.

Take a look at top features and functions and a sneak peek at the solution's brand-new user interface that makes using CredentialMyDoc easier than ever before.

After viewing, you’ll be able to:

  • Leverage technology to solve the major issues faced by credentialing and enrollment teams
  • Decrease enrollment timeframes and common errors that impact your organization’s bottom line
  • Alleviate the common frustrations of managing the overwhelming amount of information, documents, and processes from onboarding through maintenance
    • Josh Culbreth
    • Regional Account Manager
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    • Steve Smith
    • Senior Director, CredentialMyDoc Sales
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