CredentialStream for Federally Qualified Health Centers

Privilege your Providers and Credential your Federally Qualified Health Centers Quickly with CredentialStream

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) provide healthcare services to over 27 million people in underserved urban and rural communities across the United States. Unfortunately, as the need for these services continues to grow, the resources and budget available to FQHCs tend to remain stagnant. As the regulations surrounding patient care standards and provider competency also continue to evolve, ensuring clinical excellence is more important than ever. To address this challenge, we’ve built a solution that combines best-practice process management and content to assist in FQHC credentialing and privileging of staff – all while maintaining the industry standards required for future funding.

VerityStream's industry-leading solution offers a library of criteria-based privilege forms, instantly deployable content tailored to each specialty your FQHC offers, and oversight of many administrative items, such as Medicare and Medicaid payer enrollment and expirables management. Our solution is continuously updated to reflect changes in regulations that impact your staff and the care they provide, both in-person and through emerging avenues such as telehealth.

CredentialStream for Federally Qualified Health Centers

CredentialStream is far more than a FQHC medical software. If you’re seeking to:

  • Expedite turnaround times
  • Ensure payer reimbursement
  • Increase provider satisfaction and deliver quality care
  • Maintain compliance with HRSA, TJC, BPHC, CMS, AAAHC, and more

You need CredentialStream

Going Paperless with CredentialStream

"I was determined to move from a paper system to an electronic one. I had to have the software implemented by the second week of September in preparation for the HRSA site visit and CARF survey. In the end, I was able to complete the majority of the reviews using CredentialStream. The reviewers were extremely impressed with the software as well as how well-maintained the files were. We passed the visit and the survey."
  • Tunisia Bailey
    HR Coordinator
    Circle Health Service & The Centers for Families and Children

    Health centers employ over 220,000 people who provide over 110 million patient visits annually.

    Health Centers

    Hospital Health
    In 8 years, FQHCs have grown to 1,400 organizations with over 11,200 facilities providing services in more than 8,000 rural and urban areas.


    FQHC 1of6
    FQHCs serve approximately 1 in 6 rural residents, 1 in 5 uninsured, and 1 in 3 people living in poverty.



    • Verify licenses and certifications, including exclusions, sanctions and disciplinary actions for all your providers including; primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and behavioral health care providers, clinical assistants, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians
    • Automate credentialing and enrollment reports, schedulable events, and workflows
    • Deliver a one-stop shop for providers and stakeholders to view and complete tasks
    • Monitor health plan credentialing requirements
    Federally Qualified Health Centers - Platform
    Federally Qualified Health Centers - Content


    • Access 7,000+ payer enrollment forms (PDF and Online) and a rosters library for delegated entities
    • Leverage a library of 200+ privileging forms, mapped to ICD-10 and CPT codes


    • Rest easier with the largest pre-validated database of U.S. healthcare professionals powered by FSMB and other public data sources, at your fingertips
    • Make informed decisions with insights on time to revenue, pending claims, and procedure volumes against national benchmarks
    • Seamless integration with CAQH for provider registration and ongoing maintenance, including re-attestations, tracking, and updating expiring credentials
    Federally Qualified Health Centers - Data
    VerityStream CVO

    VerityStream NCQA-Certified CVO Services

    Sometimes outsourcing your initial and/or re-credentialing processes may be your best option. When that’s the case, you can count on our expertise to handle files either in an overflow or full-service capacity. VerityStream CVO can support all your provider credentialing needs, including application management and verification.

    Outsource with VerityStream CVO

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