Reduce Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Timeframes with CredentialMyDoc

Reduce Credentialing and Provider Enrollment Timeframes with CredentialMyDoc

May 15, 2023
  • Author:
    Noelle Abarelli

The pressure on today’s medical groups to increase revenue and expedite the provider enrollment process can be overwhelming. If your medical group is managing credentialing and enrollment with a cobbled-together mix of spreadsheets and software – it's time for an upgrade! Streamlining your credentialing and enrollment processes will deliver increased efficiency while allowing you to provide the best care possible. So, why is it important to streamline your credentialing and enrollment processes? Let’s dig in.

The Pain

When it comes to credentialing, there are a variety of challenges medical groups face, including:

  • Overload of information and documents
  • Missing information
  • No dedicated tools and training
  • Changing industry requirements
  • Confusing payer requirements
  • Unrealistic expectations

And all of these inefficiencies have negative consequences, such as:

  • Inefficient provider onboarding
  • Prolonged enrollment timelines
  • Revenue delays
  • Claims denials
  • Frustrated staff, including credentialing resources, providers, revenue cycle management, and leadership

For some organizations, using Excel spreadsheets to solve these issues may be a solution. Still, as soon as you grow, you may find yourself working with 50 different spreadsheets that don’t communicate with each other, leading to more chaos, double work, and unnecessary confusion. It becomes unruly. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Solution

CredentialMyDoc offers a web-based, hassle-free credentialing and provider enrollment solution for growing medical groups. It simplifies data entry and validation, reduces manual errors on forms, streamlines medical billing, and increases provider satisfaction. High-quality, verified provider data, along with powerful automation, creates a slipstream for organizations to scale their networks to meet growing demand quickly.

The Benefits

Considering that a one-day delay in provider onboarding can cost your medical group $10,122, shaving time off provider enrollment and credentialing processes is not only critical, but it will also save you money and headaches. With the right technology, your medical group can keep up with growing demands without any of the growing pains. CredentialMyDoc was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and once implemented, can help medical groups with:

  1. Centralized information and documents
    • Easier to organize complex structures
    • Simpler to access, and manage important provider, location, and Tax ID information
    • Enables real-time collaboration on a single set of information
    • Enables RCM teams to effectively manage as many customers as needed
    • Allows providers to work across multiple TINs without complication
  2. Enhanced security
    • Removes onsite storage risk and improves the security of sensitive information
  3. Streamlined provider onboarding
    • Electronic onboarding with auto-populate functionality
    • Automate primary source verification with over 800 sites, including DEA, OIG, and SAM
    • Interface with providers through a secure provider portal to exchange information and forms with DocuSign technology
  4. Auto-fill applications and forms
    • Over 9000 forms are available for use, along with the option to upload additional forms as needed
  5. Structured workflows with notes and tasks
    • Pull a specific case and track its progress from start to approval, while assigning specific tasks to the appropriate team member
    • Use pre-defined tasks to create repeatable templates for workflow, email responses and other standardized content to reduce manual entry
  6. Detailed payer and facility tracking
    • Easily track down payer, payer type, provider number, contract type, milestone dates, re-credentialing date, comments, and more.
  7. Expiration alerts and notifications
    • Customize alerts to track and update important expiration dates for your providers, locations, and Tax IDs
  8. Reporting
    • Canned Reports
    • Custom Report Builder
      • Every profile available
      • Drag and Drop organization
      • Custom label fields
  9. Audit trails
    • Easily track every step that’s been taken for a single case

But Wait, There’s More

Amazingly simple to use. CredentialMyDoc walks you step-by-step through the credentialing, and enrollment process. But don’t take it from us—watch a recording of our webinar, Bring Efficiency and Satisfaction to your Credentialing and Enrollment Team with CMD, for details on how it all works, along with a demo on how to use its newest features, like custom checklists and data visualizations. Get all your questions answered and more, watch it now!