Web-based, Hassle-free Credentialing and Enrollment Software for Growing Medical Practices

Web-based, Hassle-free Credentialing and Enrollment Software for Growing Medical Practices

Mar 27, 2023
  • Author:
    Noelle Abarelli

Congratulations! Your Medical Group is growing! You’re onboarding new providers and patients alike. With a growing practice, you need a credentialing and enrollment system that can keep up. If you’re manually attempting to keep track of dozens of providers, cobbling together paper applications, and managing re-credentialing with a mix of disjointed tools, you need credentialing and enrollment strategies and solutions that decrease cost, increase revenue, and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

But becoming overwhelmed is only one part of the problem. For example, our research indicates that a one-day delay on provider onboarding can cost your medical group $10,122!

When it comes to credentialing and enrollment, you simply can’t afford to skip software made for the job!

Software enables credentialing and enrollment success

When Kelle Humphries, President of Adamas Healthcare Consulting, found that manual processes and a heavy reliance on spreadsheets made it impossible to scale and service new clients, she knew it was time to implement a credentialing and enrollment software. Adamas was set on building a custom solution, but when Humphries reached out to a developer to begin the process, he introduced her to CredentialMyDoc. Humphries was skeptical at first, as she hadn’t come across CredentialMyDoc in her research, but once she saw it, she was impressed by the solution’s breadth of functionality, customization capabilities and affordability.

She also found CredentialMyDoc easy to implement. She originally expected a lengthy implementation that would take six weeks or more and involve redirecting in-house resources for support. But in the end, Adamas got the solution up and running in a matter of days, not weeks. According to Humphries, “We had a lot of data in a lot of places, and I was concerned about that. But CredentialMyDoc provided guidelines on collecting our data into a format that could easily be uploaded. Once we organized our data into the template provided and handed it over, the CredentialMyDoc team took over. No manual data entry was involved on our part. We were able to keep serving our customers and doing business as usual, which was a great relief.”

Today, CredentialMyDoc is the staple of Adamas’ credentialing process.

Automating credentialing and enrollment leads to significant business benefits

In addition to the benefits Adamas achieved, credentialing and enrollment software can also help you:

  • Save time and make better use of your staff’s resources: Putting your application and review process online saves time every step of the way. CredentialMyDoc has a library of hundreds of applications, forms and letters, auto-populated forms, and standard reports for common needs.
  • Improve security and organization: CredentialMyDoc stores, protects, and shares information over a secure portal. An elegant interface makes exchanging information and forms with providers a breeze.
  • Easily track expirations: CredentialMyDoc lets you easily track and update important expiration dates for your providers, locations and Tax IDs.
  • Simplify reporting: Record and report on all data changes.
  • Rapidly implement change: Amazingly simple to use, CredentialMyDoc walks you step-by-step through the credentialing and enrollment process to help you stay focused on running a successful medical group.

If you’re ready to ditch the manual processes, combinations of disjointed point solutions, and workarounds you’ve been relying on, we’d love to show you what CredentialMyDoc can do for you. With CredentialMyDoc, you don’t have to choose between losing $10k a day and making a significant investment in more efficient credentialing and enrollment processes. Book a demo now.

Please take a moment to register for our upcoming webinar to be informed on how CredentialMyDoc solves credentialing and enrollment tasks for medical groups.