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The healthcare industry is wrestling with immense uncertainty today. As healthcare reform, shifting regulations, and changing patient demographics continue to drive change, approaches to credentialing, privileging, and enrollment must likewise evolve. Yet, recent research indicates that only a small percentage of the nation’s healthcare providers are taking full advantage of automated credentialing, privileging, and enrollment tools. In fact, 88 percent of the credentialing and provider enrollment professionals we surveyed indicated that improvement opportunities exist within their current processes. Many healthcare professionals continue to endure paper-based processes—processes that necessitate manual reconciliation and duplicative activities—supported by outdated systems that are time-consuming to implement and difficult to integrate. The result is costly processes for organizations, risks for patients, and frustrations for providers.

The team at VerityStream is committed to reimaging better ways to do things. The result is VerityStream's solution is an enterprise-wide, SaaS solution that enables the ability to collaboratively manage the entire provider lifecycle for everyone in your organization who has a stake in ensuring your patients receive competent care. VerityStream's powerful solution combines the best platform, content, data, services, and community to deliver a foundational source of truth for medical groups like yours. VerityStream’s implementation team has a unique approach to ensure your success through implementation and beyond. You’ll experience instantaneous automation and a total transformation of your credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and onboarding processes with a single infrastructure.


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Key Benefits

  • A single, comprehensive provider data file that serves as your provider “source of truth”.
  • Expedited implementation and adoption process with pre-populated, standardized data tables and best practice content.
  • Accelerated credentialing cycles, prioritized work, and removal of human error with automated workflows. 
  • Modern, intuitive, web-based and mobile enabled user interface.
  • An intuitive, one-stop-shop for chairs, chiefs and providers to access, update, and respond to request for information.
  • Reduction of clunky, 3rd party reporting tools with a natively-built report writer.
  • Education and collaboration through our embedded customer community through message boards, solution documentation and FAQs. 
  • Access to innovative dashboards to view productivity, file status, and national benchmarks.



  • VerityStream Hub a 24/7, stop shop for providers and reviewers to complete or review applications, attestations, assigned learning, and pending tasks.
  • A built-in, intuitive, AI-enabled automation Engine and reporting tool – Bolt
  • Pre-populated and validated data from hStream – including dozens of shared data tables (e.g., facilities, license boards, payers, schools, and more), validated information for all U.S. based providers (i.e., VerityStream Validated Providers), and proprietary national benchmarks for credentialing, enrollment, and onboarding activities.
  • Over 500 pieces of instantly deployable content for any process.  Workflows for Initial and Re-Credentialing processes, expirables management, Surveys, APIs, HL7 Imports/Exports, Dashboards, Online Applications, and more!    
  • “Claim your Profile” enables real-time validated data to populate the provider data set from sources like AMA, CAQH and VerityStream Validated Providers.
  • Third-party look-up views to keep key constituencies like pharmacy, lab, and external stakeholders seeking to access and validate provider information.
  • Credentialing Insights Dashboard to show application workflow timelines compared to national, proprietary benchmarks to prioritize improvement opportunities.
  • Innovative TeamView dashboard to view status, productivity, and tasks for individual MSO or CVO team members.
  • CVO QuickView allows centralized organizations (e.g., CVO) to enable decentralized organizations (MSOs) to check file statuses, run reports, and send inquiries.
  • SmartUpdate allows VerityStream Administrators to “future date” staff status (e.g., appointment, contract, privilege, etc.) automatically prompting for and changing the values on that date.

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