Onboard for Ambulatory and Post-Acute Care Settings

Streamline Caregiver Onboarding

You’re tasked with accelerating the process to onboard caregivers who drive revenue for your organization and deliver quality care to patients, but with so many moving parts, important steps can easily slip through the cracks, causing frustration and negative first impressions. There are security issues, regulatory tasks, an IT checklist, human resources functions, and more to manage. You need a method for the madness that helps you get new caregivers up and running as quickly as possible.

Streamline Caregiver Onboarding

VerityStream’s Onboard solution provides the industry’s first comprehensive onboarding solution for caregivers. Onboard delivers two views into the onboarding process. Caregivers get access to a centralized onboarding hub that guides them through every step of the process—including assigned learning, required malpractice forms, automatically populated EFT forms, and more. Other stakeholders get access to their assigned tasks and can review and manage them directly within the solution. With Onboard, all stakeholders are on the same page, which speeds up the onboarding process, alleviates stress, and delivers the best possible caregiver experience.


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Onboard for Ambulatory and Post-Acute

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