hStream for VerityStream

Data and Content Continuously Fueling Your Source of Truth

Today, the value of a credentialing, privileging, and enrollment solution is measured by several factors:

Does it integrate with downstream applications? 
Provide access to pre-validated data? 
Include embedded, best-practice content? 
Enable system performance monitoring? 
Connect with an ecosystem of best-in-class solution providers?
Deliver system via an on-demand, high-performance, secure, cloud environment?

It’s a tough order to fill, but with hStream, you’ll finally be able to establish a powerful, secure, and exclusive connective tissue to accelerate data flow, drive enterprise standardization, and establish a master provider database. VerityStream’s hStream is a world-class ecosystem built to extend and optimize the power of VerityStream with ready-to-install enterprise solutions such as pre-validated data, embedded content, pre-built integrations, and plugged in partners. Forget creating components or integrations from scratch with code. Forget signing up additional vendors to acquire or validate data. Forget contracting contractors to create letters, workflow, reports, dashboards, online apps, or more. hStream does it all.


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