Measure, Monitor, and Share Provider Performance Insights

Today’s patient-centered, value-based approach to healthcare demands that organizations continuously assess and report on the clinical competence of care providers. This type of assessment requires a fair process built around relevant data and sharable outputs. But knowing what to measure, how to collect meaningful data from numerous and disparate sources, and the best way to create robust reports remains a struggle in many non-acute care settings.

Verity Evaluate-Ensuring Clinical Excellence and Driving Performance Improvement

VerityStream Evaluate brings definition and process to your quest for compliance. With Evaluate, you can measure, monitor and share provider performance insights to comply with regulatory requirements while also improving the quality of care delivered. Evaluate solutions present a holistic view of provider performance – from procedure volume reports and drillable clinical outcomes data – to a streamlined review of individual cases for quality concern. The processes defined, data collected, and knowledge generated by Evaluate provide actionable information that enables clinical and administrative leaders to improve healthcare.


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The Importance of Data Accuracy for Directories and Outbound Reports

Sep 10, 2019, 17:12 PM by Nevada Bodmer
Data accuracy has never been more critical as federal and state regulation become more stringent and require organizations to become more cognizant of directory data. VerityStream teams up with CAQH's Sorin Davis to talk about these new regulations and how to plan for the future.

Sorin Davis; Senior Vice President, Industry Relations; CAQH
Cheryl Cisneros, RN, BSN, CPCS, CPMSM; Director of Client Success Services and Consulting; VerityStream

Directory data accuracy has been a long-standing issue that challenges both providers, medical groups, enrollment and health plans. When a 2014 JAMA study on physician directories cast a spotlight on the directory problem nationally, a call for increased regulatory scrutiny and action was raised. Federal regulators pushed states to establish specific requirements around provider directories and today, monitoring occurs regularly – followed by penalties and sanctions for those that don’t comply. Health plans and providers are using various methods to improve directory data, and the CAQH is collaborating with these organizations to achieve accuracy gains. Attend this webinar to learn all you need to know about:

  • Top challenges related to data accuracy
  • The most up to date federal and state regulations pertaining to data accuracy
  • Methods to solve challenges in provider data gathering and validation
  • DirectAssure®, a CAQH solution that enables providers to update and confirm pertinent directory information in one place

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