Appoint for Health Systems, Hospitals, and Health Plans

Ensures Reviewer Clarity with a Centralized View of Validated Provider Files

Obtaining timely input from busy clinical leaders regarding appointment decisions and privilege requests is challenging. You must ensure these leaders are aware of the reviews they need to complete and provide the comprehensive, vetted information necessary for completion. Reviewers must consult with each other and gather any necessary clarification from your Medical Staff Office. All while the clock is ticking. 

VerityStream's Appoint is a comprehensive, easy-to-launch solution to meet these challenges. It enables the centralized, electronic review of validated provider information by key decision makers (i.e., Department Chairs, Section Chiefs, etc.) to ensure that they are making the best possible decision regarding appointment decisions and requests for privileges, further ensuring you have the highest quality providers delivering quality patient care.

Appoint for Health Systems, Hospitals, and Health Plans

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Key Benefits

  • Increased reviewer satisfaction with simplified process. 
  • Streamlined the process for your Credentialing Committees.
  • Consistency and completeness of the data being reviewed.
  • Automated the process of notifying reviewers.
  • Timely review completion.  
  • Elimination of the need for providing paper files to reviewers.
  • Collaborative decision-making, ensuring the best possible choices. 
  • A centralized location for completion of all reviews.



  • One packet for all reviewers, providing visibility of comments made by all other reviewers.
  • A one-stop shop that is available 365X24X7 for providers, chairs, chiefs, or other stakeholders.
  • Different packets presented based on the process and provider being assessed.
  • Packets flagged as necessary to prioritize discussion.
  • Ability to bulk approve “clean” packets.
  • Automatic routing of applications through the decision-making process. 


  • Ability to track and save reviewer comments.  
  • Automatic decision notifications to providers, chairs, chiefs or other stakeholders.
  • Online Chat to discuss review process with other reviewers. 
  • Intuitive UI - no training necessary. 
  • Access on any browser or device.
  • Ability to reorder list of outstanding reviews. 

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