Apply for Health Systems, Hospitals, and Health Plans

Simplify the Application and Reappointment Processes for Providers

The competition to recruit the best providers for your healthcare organization is fierce. You must ensure a pleasant experience for your providers during the enrollment and credentialing process. Manual, paper-based processes with time consuming data entry requirements are not that kind of experience for your providers or your medical staff. It's time for a comprehensive, easy-to-launch solution to address these unrelenting challenges and streamline the initial appointment and reappointment processes.

VerityStream’s Apply solution is the simple, paperless application process that enables you to quickly deliver an intuitive, online experience, simplifying the initial appointment and re-credentialing process for physicians, allied health professionals (AHPs), nurse practitioners, and more.

Apply for Health Systems, Hospitals, and Health Plans

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Key Benefits

  • Dramatically simplifies the application and reappointment processes for providers.
  • Removes processing delays through immediate notifications.
  • Increases provider satisfaction.
  • Ensures timely completion through timely follow up.
  • Inspires new applicants with a message from the CMO.
  • Enables physician staff to assist with completing applications.
  • Guides providers through the application process.
  • Reallocates data entry resources to higher valued activities.
  • Eliminates the time-consuming and expensive process of sending out paper-based applications.
  • Simplifies the privilege request process.




  • Quick, context-sensitive instructions automatically distributed to applicants. 
  • Appropriate application and respective forms presented based on provider types (i.e. MD, CRNA, PA, NP).
  • Houses all information necessary to complete the application or reappointment process. 
  • Pre-populates initial and re-credentialing applications with data from existing vetted sources. 
  • Ability to embed videos, such as messages from your CMO.
  • Capacity to define business rules for pre-submission validation. 
  • Pre-populated applications with data from sources including AMA, CAQH, and VerityStream Validated Providers.
  • Providers for appointment and reappointment applications.


  • Supplemental forms such as consent & release, conflict of interest, payer forms.
  • Ability to upload key documentation, sign with e-signature, and process credit card payments.
  • Option to automatically alert providers with completion requests. 
  • Online chat to communicate with MSO or CVO.
  • Access to a library of pre-configured disclosure/attestation forms and state mandated applications.
  • Ability to review submitted data prior to accepting it into your source of truth.
  • Support for approved delegates, enabling provider staff to complete application for the provider to attest and sign.

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