2022 Annual Report on Provider Enrollment

Industry Insight Webinar

Every year, VerityStream surveys hundreds of provider enrollment professionals to learn more about their processes, progress and priorities. There is no question, today’s enrollment professionals are on a mission to continuously improve! View the on-demand webinar for valuable insight into this year’s report. See where there’s been industry growth and where opportunities exist. Discover how: 

  • The No Surprises Act has impacted the enrollment services
  • Claims on holds and write offs have shifted to more holds and write offs than any previous year
  • Overall satisfaction with the quality of enrollment programs is positive
    Process improvements have been found throughout the industry with more rosters being sent to payers as well as standardized rosters
  • Provider Data Management is ranked as extremely important within more organizations implementing data standards policies as a result of integrating teams and systems
  • Business Services and Operations are very important to enrollment organizations due to the use of automation and process simplification
  • and more!

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