Evolving Careers: Learning From Those Who Have Focused in a Specialty of Medical Staff Services (MSS)

Industry Insight Webinar

Vicki Searcy, Vice President, Consulting Services, VerityStream
Lisa Rothmuller, CPCS, Associate Vice President, Consulting Services, VerityStream
Katy Young, MBA, CPCS, Senior Consultant, Consulting Services, VerityStream
Heidi M. Thompson, MBA, CPMSM, CPCS, FMSP, System Director, Medical Staff Services, St. Luke’s Health System
Melissa Walters, MHA, FMSP, CPMSM, CPCS, Asst. Vice President – Medical Staff Affairs, MedStar Health
Amanda Walker, CPCS, Manager, System Wide Credentials Verification Services, Legacy Health
Melinda Kane, MS-HCM, Project Consultant, Medical Staff Services, Wellstar Health System
Mara Haynes, Wellstar Health System

Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) have seen a lot of change over the last 30+ years. And, that change has only accelerated in 2020. With change though, often comes opportunity.

As more and more of our hospitals merge into large health systems, new specialty areas and career paths have been created for MSPs. They include:

  • Data analysts/database administrators
  • Privileging experts
  • Project managers
  • CVO directors/managers
  • Healthcare system level VPs, and more.

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by a panel of industry experts from St. Luke’s Health System, MedStar Health, Wellstar Health, and Legacy Health. They’ll share insight into their career trajectories and how they obtained the skills critical to their roles. We’ll also explore new opportunities that are on the horizon and provide guidance on how to prepare for specialized roles in MSS, so you’re ahead of the curve.

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