The Impact of Technology, COVID-19, and Other Factors on Credentialing and Medical Services Professionals

Industry Insight Webinar

Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) who have worked in hospitals and health care systems with medical staff organizations for a number of years have seen and probably experienced many changes during their careers. Then came COVID-19, and for many MSPs, the workplace changed almost overnight – and it is clear that many of the changes that MSPs have made in the daily work of the medical staff/credentialing office during the past months will be permanent.

Join us as industry veterans Vicki Searcy and Lisa Rothmuller examine the impact on the job opportunities, roles, and responsibilities of MSPs as we prepare for the next few years including;

  • What we can expect in 2021 and beyond
  • How to prepare
  • What skill sets are most important today and in the near future
  • Where the growth opportunities lie

Listen in for an exciting discussion of where the medical services and credentialing profession is headed - and how to determine the best way to position yourself for success.

    • Vicki Searcy
    • Former VP, Consulting
    • VerityStream
    • Lisa Rothmuller, CPCS
    • AVP, Clinical Solutions and CVO Services
    • VerityStream
    • LinkedIn

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