Don’t Be in Denial! Five Key Things to Know About Credentialing and Participation

Client Insight Webinar

Tired of having your claims denied by payers or networks due to credentialing and participation issues? Are your claims denied because the credentialing and linking status of providers to payers isn’t tied directly to your practice’s payer agreements or specifically to the various products included in these contracts? Want to make sure your practice can take more payout to the bank?

There’s an easy way to avoid dealing with denials. It begins with a methodical inventory of each provider’s participation status, understanding what’s required when submitting information to payers or networks and knowing common reasons why they’re deemed “non- participating” or “non-par.”

In this webinar, Penny Noyes will share tips and practices including:

  1. 1. Understanding what exactly “participating” or “par” means.
  2. 2. Techniques that connect credentialing and “par” status with ALL contracted payers and products
  3. 3. Specific questions to ask payers when researching gaps in par coverage.
  4. 4. Navigating delegated credentialing situations.
  5. 5. How state laws impact government and commercial plans.

Don’t be in denial! Protect your practice and your bottom line by learning all you can about credentialing and participation pitfalls, how to identify and avoid them and what you can do to help you get paid in full. Space is limited, so sign up for this webinar today!

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