Physician Burnout and Provider Competency Management Can be Fixed by CredentialStream

Physician Burnout and Provider Competency Management Can be Fixed by CredentialStream

Jan 18, 2023
  • Author:
    Noelle Abarelli

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80% of providers in a survey commissioned by Availity said they are dissatisfied with their organization’s credentialing process. Those surveyed cited reasons ranging from the amount of paperwork and inconsistent requirements across payers, to differing rules and standards, and having to navigate multiple websites to complete credentialing.

The survey also found that, on average, it takes eight hours for a hospital-based provider and nine hours for a practice-based provider to complete a credentialing application. In the end, over one-third of these clinical professionals still received an inquiry for additional application information.

The fact is, physician burnout is on the rise. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), who has been addressing physician burnout for a long time prior to the pandemic, the problem has gotten a lot worse over the last three years. Their research indicates that by “The end of the second year of the pandemic, fully 63% of physicians are experiencing some sign of burnout across the United States.”

There are many reasons a physician might experience burnout, but one that appears in survey after survey is: Completing too many administrative tasks.

The AMA states that many physicians spend more than half their day on tasks that don't require their medical education, the 11 to 14 years of investment in training to become a physician. A Medscape Physician Compensation Report indicates that 74% of physicians say they spend at least 10 hours per week on administrative tasks alone, with 36% of this group saying they spend more than 20 hours a week. A recent Mayo Clinic study reports even higher numbers, with the average physician spending roughly half of their workday plus 28 additional night and weekend hours per month completing Electronic Health Record (EHR) tasks.

With this information in mind, it’s imperative for today’s credentialing professionals to find a way to ensure they have competent and qualified providers delivering next level patient care, without overburdening their physicians in the process. This may seem like a tough challenge to tackle, but after working with more than 3,000 healthcare organizations, we know that it all comes down to having the right tools in place to manage the credentialing process. And, that's why we developed CredentialStream.

Assess your providers from every angle

CredentialStream is the industry’s most comprehensive and easy to engage with platform for assessing provider competency. Our solution removes the administrative burden from your providers while allowing you to assess them from every angle, from the time of initial hire and throughout their careers.

CredentialStream delivers everything needed to:

  • Make clinical privilege decisions
  • Perform both focused and continuous performance reviews
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Maintain data transparency, security, and access to those who need it
  • And most importantly, deliver excellent patient care

Provider Competency Graphic (1)

Common issues that can arise during the initial credentialing process and frustrate providers time and time again include:

  • Incomplete paperwork
  • Missing signatures
  • Incorrect taxonomy codes
  • Demographic discrepancies
  • Outdated W9 or CAQH profile

With CredentialStream, you can avoid all of these issues and more. Learn more about streamlining the process of accessing provider competency in this video, and schedule a call with us to see CredentialStream in action.