Q&A: Credentialing and Enrollment Solutions for Small Medical Groups

Q&A: Credentialing and Enrollment Solutions for Small Medical Groups

Jul 15, 2022
  • Author:
    Noelle Abarelli

Today's medical groups are under immense pressure to do more with less. This is especially true for those responsible for credentialing and enrollment. If your medical group is still using manual processes that include Excel spreadsheets and CAQH - it's time to discover a better way to do things!

We recently sat down with Collette Becker, Regional Account Manager for CredentialMyDoc, to learn more about how automating credentialing and provider enrollment saves times, improves accuracy and delivers a better provider experience. A summary of our chat follows, and we encourage you to learn more about getting started with CredentialMyDoc.

Q: What is CredentialMyDoc?

A: CredentialMyDoc offers hassle-free software for credentialing and provider enrollment. With CredentialMyDoc, you essentially get a database that holds and tracks all provider data. The solution offers an easy way for anyone responsible for credentialing and enrollment to get organized.

Q: Why was the solution created?

A: For most medical groups, CredentialMyDoc takes the place of the Excel spreadsheets and manual processes they are using to manage credentialing and enrollment.

Q: Who is the solution for?

A: If you're medical group with 200 providers or less that is still using manual processes to manage credentialing and enrollment, CredentialMyDoc is for you!

Q: Who is the solution NOT for?

A: CredentialMyDoc is not an ideal fit in hospital settings. In that environment, VerityStream's CredentialStream product is a better fit as CredentialMyDoc doesn't mange privilege delineations and the overall process of privileging. If you have a lot of verifications to do, CredentialStream is definitely a better option for you.

Q: What are some top concerns for today's medical groups? How does CredentialMyDoc help them navigate these concerns?

A: Today's medical groups are under immense pressure to do more with less. This is especially true of those responsible for credentialing and enrollment. I often see this responsibility falling to one person who has a mix of other practice management tasks on their plate, as well. Getting rid of redundant and manual processes is key to pumping up productivity.

In terms of specific credentialing and enrollment tasks, the number one challenge I see involves tracking expiration dates. There are so many dates to track involving the DEA, malpractice insurance, board certifications and more. Without an automated approach, it's easy to miss things.

Q: The healthcare industry is experiencing a high rate of turnover. How can CredentialMyDoc help with that?

A: There are couple of ways actually. First and foremost, if your medical practice has one person in charge of credentialing and enrollment and that person is doing things manually, you're in trouble if/when they leave. Having a solution like CredentialMyDoc in place gives structure to your processes and makes it easy for a new person to step in to manage credentialing and enrollment.

Second, a solution like CredentialMyDoc really speeds up the process of credentialing and enrolling new providers. Instead of emailing and onboarding a checklist, you can offer an online application that feeds information right into CredentialMyDoc. This cuts down on a lot of back and forth and improves data accuracy tenfold in many cases! The process is also a lot more secure as you aren't emailing confidential documents back and forth.

Q: When it comes to labor shortages, how can CredentialMyDoc help?

A: Finding someone who knows credentialing and enrollment inside and out can be challenging. But with CredentialMyDoc, you get a secure cloud-based solution that can be accessed anywhere at any time. This opens up the ability for medical groups to work with remote resources who are pros.

Q: How is the solution priced?

A: Solution pricing is based on provider count which makes it very affordable for even small medical practices of 12 to 15 providers. This approach is great as our customers can start small and expand solution use as they grow.

Q: What does a typical implementation look like?

A: CredentialMyDoc isn’t complicated. That’s what our customers love about it! Small medical groups can be up and running in 30 to 45 days. Larger groups are usually up and running in 60 days. Getting your data cleaned up and organized into Excel spreadsheets ahead of implementation can really speed up the timeframe.

Q: What are some of the benefits users enjoy?

A: There are many. CredentialMyDoc gives our customers full control. They can edit and add any data to the system on their own. It also delivers increased security and reliability. It’s easier to gather data with CredentialMyDoc as info can be exchanged via online applications and a secure portal. In general, our customers can be a lot more proactive and on top of things as they always know what expiration dates are on the horizon and they can see at any time where they are in the process of credentialing and enrollment. If something stalls - they'll be the first to know and respond.

Q: What is the best way to get started with CredentialMyDoc?

A: We have over 400 clients using CredentialMyDoc and I just love getting to know them. I start all relationships with a Discovery Call to be sure there's a fit. From there, I do a demo. If you're interested in learning more about CredentialMyDoc, let's talk!