Employee Spotlight on Lisa Rothmuller, CPCS

Employee Spotlight on Lisa Rothmuller, CPCS

Sep 30, 2020
  • Author:
    Lisa Rothmuller, CPCS
    AVP, Clinical Solutions and CVO Services
    Lisa works with clients and organizations to provide Strategic Account Management and best practice and solution consulting. Lisa has a bachelor's degree in Economics/Finance from Bentley University in Boston, Massachusetts and currently resides in San Diego.

Some of our VerityStream employees have started at our organization from the very beginning of their career and have climbed all the way to the top. We are so proud to introduce to you one of the individuals who is part of the very foundation at VerityStream. We celebrate their success and accomplishments, and hope you do too as we share with you their hard work and show you what is possible on our career paths we have at VerityStream!

Describe your journey so far at VerityStream:

I started with the previous company HealthLine Systems (subsequently acquired by VerityStream) 22 years ago as a Customer Support and Training Specialist. In this position I was able to learn the product, the business and industry and teach clients how to utilize the system. When I started with the company we didn’t have email or WebEx connections as a standard tool, so troubleshooting was done by asking questions of the user to help visualize and understand their issues without seeing what they were doing directly. It also required us to really get to know the platform inside and out. From there I was promoted to Manager of Support and Training. The company grew from that time and I was able to grow with the company including Manager of Implementations, Product Manager, Consulting and Strategic Manager. The acquisition of HealthLine Systems by HealthStream supported my continued growth with the company as Strategic Accounts and Consulting Director and now as the Associate Vice President of Consulting.

What do you think is important for a candidate to know about career development at VerityStream?

There are many opportunities to expand your career within the company. We often have cross-team collaboration projects where many different skills and backgrounds help. Getting involved in those types of projects where individuals can learn more about the platform, the clients and the industry help to see what types of career opportunities there are within the company. Showcasing where an individual has interest, demonstrating initiative help to support career development at the company. We encourage individuals to talk with other team leaders to learn about their career development, experiences and understand what their roles and responsibilities are, how individuals can grow into those roles and what they enjoy.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of (work or non work)?

I am very proud to be a part of the VerityStream organization where we are so passionate about the industry, partner with our clients to support them in their work, and are very collaborative with internal resources. I’m proud to be involved in forming the Consulting department helping to define who we are and how we support the organization. We created this department from a combination of three different companies who have worked together to form an amazing team with a common vision and goal to provide support to both clients and internal staff. Individuals on the team each have their respective areas of expertise including privileging, enrollment, credentialing, and business process design who are excited and dedicated to the industry and our company.