Employee Spotlight on Joe Deedy

Employee Spotlight on Joe Deedy

Jun 11, 2020
  • Author:
    Joe Deedy
    Client Executive

We are proud of the VerityStream employees who have built their careers with us, starting from right out of college and all the way to retirement. This series is dedicated to highlight recently promoted employees and share their career journey as a vStreamer. As a VerityStream nation, we celebrate our employees accomplishments and we are excited to share with you their dedication to patient safety and source of truth!

Describe your journey so far at VerityStream:

I started at VerityStream in an internship role while completing graduate school. First working for HealthStream, I moved to VerityStream without knowing anyone I’d be working with. I was quickly moved into the role of Regional Account Manager, where I worked multiple different territories across the country. After two years, I was moved into a team lead role, where I was able to help align team goals with company strategy. I most recently have moved into the role of Regional Director, Enterprise Sales, where I am able to continue developing, while also working with a more diverse set of clients. From the start, I have experienced professional mentorship and guidance throughout each role with VerityStream.

What do you think is important for a candidate to know about career development at VerityStream?

VerityStream focuses on developing people’s careers. If you are willing to be a team player and learn on the job, VerityStream is a place where you can be very successful. Things are constantly changing in healthcare, which means you are consistently presented with more opportunity to grow in your career. VerityStream also has a family feel. We genuinely enjoy the work we do, and the people we get to do that work with.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of (work or non work)?

A professional accomplishment I am most proud of is in 2019, where as team lead I was able to assist in more than doubling the sales volume in our specific target market. This was a result of many people’s hard work, and I am proud that I could play a role in assisting our team succeed. As for a personal accomplishment, I got married to my best friend (Emily) in September of 2018. How cool is that!