3 Things You Should Know About VerityStream

3 Things You Should Know About VerityStream

Aug 6, 2019
  • Author:
    Noelle Abarelli

An Interview with VerityStream President, Michael Sousa

It’s been an exciting time for VerityStream. In January 2018 we announced that we merged Echo, A HealthStream Company and Morrisey, A HealthStream Company into a single organization and launched a single platform solution that leverages the respective capabilities of the Echo and Morrisey solutions.

It’s been full steam ahead ever since!

A lot of thought went into the decision to merge these two amazing companies. Now that we are well into our second year, we thought it would be a great time to take a look back at all that’s happened and a look forward to all that lies ahead.

In a new interview, VerityStream President, Michael Sousa takes a moment to cover his thoughts on:

  • The decision to launch CredentialStream
  • The meaning behind the company’s name
  • Why our platform is only available as a SaaS solution
  • The value legacy customers will find in the new solution
  • The 5 features and functions he’s most excited about
  • And more!

Are you ready to find out the 8 Things You Should Know About VerityStream? If so…let’s dive in!

Question #1:

It’s been an exciting time for the company! In January 2018 you announced that you were merging Echo, A HealthStream Company and Morrisey, A HealthStream Company to form a new organization and solution that leveraged their respective powerful capabilities. Tell us more about that decision.

Michael Sousa:

It certainly wasn’t a decision we took lightly. The Echo and Morrisey companies were individually thriving at the time, but we saw a great opportunity to pull these two entities together to innovate at an entirely new level. We had three amazing communities EchoCredentialing, EchoOneApp, and MSOW—being supported by unique stellar teams.

When we pulled them together into a single brand, we unleashed unfounded innovation and an unprecedented opportunity to build a new community rooted in a very successful foundation.

Question #2:

How did you decide on the new business name?

Michael Sousa:

We were very deliberate in choosing the word “verity” as the root of the name for the new business. We took a hard look at where the industry is headed and what clients are clamoring for. What we saw and heard as we reorganized and rebranded was a need for a solution that is designed around pre-built workflows, evidence-based best practices, and pre-validated provider data. Verity—a term that is derived from the Latin word veritas which means truth—is true to our mission of being a single source of truth for platform, content and data for our customers.

As we continue to innovate our offers in response to customer feedback, we’ve realized that VerityStream represents a destination for us, and we’re not content to settle at a set destination. We’ve created a truly unique, living, breathing platform that’s constantly being updated and ‘streaming out’ the content and data our customers need for credentialing, enrollment, privileging, and evaluation. For this reason, our company name has transitioned to VerityStream.

Question #3:

I love it! So, the CredentalStream platform is only available as a SaaS solution, correct?

Michael Sousa:

Yes. The fact that our platform is only available as a SaaS solution is a very important element of the solution itself. We didn’t take this direction because of an “unwillingness” to allow customers to install a solution, we went this way because our platform is a living breathing solution and that kind of solution can only be delivered in a SaaS model.

Imagine if someone said to you, “Hey, can I get an installed version of Amazon?” You couldn’t provide that because it’s constantly being updated every second. That’s how it is with our platform. We’re always updating workflows, reports, benchmarks, privileges, payer forms, performance profiles, data tables, and more on behalf of our customers. The solution is literally always changing, and a SaaS model is the only model that allows for this dynamic nature.