Cloud Services for Provider Enrollment and Payer Credentialing Save Time, Money

Cloud Services for Provider Enrollment and Payer Credentialing Save Time, Money

Dec 27, 2018
  • Author:
    Lance Hebert, MCSE, MCP
    VP, Ambulatory and Post-Acute
    Former VerityStream Employee

Are you the proud administrator of a well-run, comprehensive IT solution that quickly and efficiently handles the many aspects of provider enrollment and payer credentialing for your practice? Well done! Except … just how quick and efficient is that system? And is it the most efficient setup possible?

Chances are, if you dig a little into the current setup you’ll discover some vulnerabilities and bottlenecks that are slowing operations and costing revenue. That doesn’t mean that you and your operations staff have been ignoring a problem — far from it. It’s just that the IT world, especially in the medical profession, moves faster today than ever before, and it’s easy to slip behind when there are dozens of other pressing daily concerns on your plate.

Still, a sluggish or incomplete enrollment and credentialing setup can quickly cause problems. To combat the issue, consider how a cloud-based solution for enrollment and credentialing can make a huge difference in both practice efficiency and staff workload.

Vulnerability On the Ground vs. Security in the Cloud

For starters, if your legacy IT setup is terrestrial, with servers and other hardware forming its backbone, you’re vulnerable to hacks and data breaches. That’s going to be true no matter how robust your security setup is, and how often it’s replaced, patched or updated.

A physical presence also is susceptible to the forces of nature. Look no further than news coverage of hurricanes and the devastation they bring, and then imagine what a catastrophic flooding event would do to your computer setup.

Now, consider what a cloud-based solution offers. For one, your data is much more secure because it’s protected by a provider whose security protocols are constantly shifting and evolving. And if a disaster does strike, even to the level of destroying the practice’s physical location, operational information and patient data is safe, secure and easily recovered, allowing you to be operational again much more quickly.

Upgrades + Downtime = Lost Revenue

Let’s also look at no one’s favorite part of IT, the system upgrade. “We will be offline for 12 hours to perform routine system enhancements” is a message nobody wants to read, but without updates and upgrades, you’re left behind. If you’ve purchased the system you’re using for enrollment and credentialing, you may not even know that updates are needed — or you’ll be paying a premium to get them.

A cloud-based service, on the other hand, puts the burden on your service provider. SaaS comes with continual improvements, upgrades, testing, and quality assurance. It also likely has a R&D team looking ahead, working on system enhancements to address challenges that are coming. That allows you to be ready when new mandates and directives arrive vs. scrambling to see if your system can handle the new workload.

Data + Content = Efficiency and Speed

Chances are, no one in your practice got into healthcare to sort and sift data, much less spend all day at a keyboard. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to use data to provide better patient care, simply that they need it delivered in a simple, easy to analyze manner.

Moving to a cloud-based, SaaS solution comes with benefits of continually updated, best practice and industry content to fuel your operations. This enables you to focus on more strategic tasks for your practice and patients.

What you have vs. what you need

Comparing IT systems, on the ground or in the cloud, can be a complex endeavor. If you need help getting started with a review of your IT operations and want to explore how a cloud-based solution can be deployed, VerityStream serves over 1,300 medical groups and has deep understanding of credentialing and enrollment requirements. From PECOS to CAQH to Medicaid, we’ve developed a solution to meet all your needs.