2018 Conference Industry Trends

2018 Conference Industry Trends

Sep 10, 2018
  • Author:
    Katy Young, MBA, CPCS
    Senior Manager, Customer Support
    Katy Young began her journey in the world of Provider Credentialing with Texas Children's Hospital as their System Administrator for the Echo Credentialing platform. She came on with VerityStream as a trainer and then moved over to the Consulting Team shortly after. During her time on the Consulting Team, she wrote Articles, presented Webinars and at Conferences, and assisted numerous clients through their implementation of CredentialStream. Katy brings her understanding of the Credentialing Industry to every interaction with our clients.

VerityStream just finished a series of regional group conferences for users of our solutions around the country and we found there were industry commonalities.

So far for 2018, participants continue to seek tips on automation opportunities within their current software solutions in an effort to do more with less and increase accuracy.

More in-depth reporting was a hot topic with organizations seeking out new and innovative ways to maximize their current tools to generate revenue, decrease inefficiencies, and ensure consistent outcomes.

Credentialing and Enrollment professionals are partnering with one another to drive productivity and create energy around solutions that can be shared by networking. Networking continues to be a top priority during these crucial meetings, we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

One more popular topic at the round tables continues to be data.

  1. 1. How to manage it…
  2. 2. How to clean it…
  3. 3. How to protect it…
  4. 4. How to share it…

As an industry, we have all born witness to the mergers and acquisitions as well as the strain on the current workforce available in our offices. The more information that is brought in, the more complex the rules to govern the information must become. Data governance is taking a spotlight in the credentialing industry, so get ready for those conversations and begin making a plan if your organization doesn’t already have one.

We all look forward to seeing you at the next conference or meeting and keeping up to date on new trends.