The Roulette Wheel of Not Testing

The Roulette Wheel of Not Testing

Aug 21, 2018
  • Author:
    Marcia Googe, CHP, CHSS
    Project Manager
    Former VerityStream Employee

You have made a provider form and you are so happy with it. You spent all of your scarce time in between credentialing tasks to divert your focus and work on it over the last two weeks. It will save your team so much time and you can’t wait to send the link out to providers and have them use…

(Cue angelic voices)        ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS

You are going to save time, the providers are going to be happier, the CMO will stop by for a ‘good job’ and all will be right with the world. A pay raise glistens in the distance.

This must get out soon. The sooner the better right? Time is money and provider time is doubly so. With a glance at the growing stack of paper applications on your desk you upload your new pride and joy and send it off to the first provider…then a second, and a third…by lunch time you are certain you have revolutionized your work and taking a vacation this year might not be just a dream.


*ping* You’ve got mail. *ping* *ping*


Like popcorn popping in your inbox the providers you have sent your new application to are not singing the accolades you had hoped for.

‘I’m getting an error when I check the box for First Name. I have a first name, I just check that box right?’

‘When I type in my address it shows up on a different part of the screen’

‘There’s an error saying it won’t accept my State License number because it has letters in it. I’m from Montana, that’s how they are here’

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Many people forget to test or have someone else test their work before making it public.

Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Have someone else test your work. You have been looking at it in detail, which can blind you to errors and oversights.

  • Not everyone has the same perspective or experience as you. Put yourself into someone else’s shoes who isn’t used to the credentialing world. Could someone off the street pick up your work and use it as intended?

  • Use your test system. If you don’t have access to this or need help, call on your IT department for assistance. They want you to succeed and highly encourage proper testing.

  • When you have done all of the above and are ready to put it into production, seek out a couple of friendly providers who like to see technology innovations and put forth their input.

Following these steps will put you onto a path for success. Who knows, maybe even a raise!