Duplication Abominations

Duplication Abominations

Aug 15, 2018
  • Author:
    Marcia Googe, CHP, CHSS
    Project Manager
    Former VerityStream Employee

There are thirty-seven different versions of your neighboring city’s hospital in your Hospitals Table staring at you right now. Each has a slight variation in the address, the name, a different department in the Address Line 2, the phone number for that nice lady in the Medical Staff Office who helps with their Primary Source Verification instead of the main number and many other permutations. 

We have all seen it, we all have it, and we all want to get rid of it. The first step is to find the data, how do you know if you have all of the iterations of the hospital (or insurance, office, etc.)?

Fortunately, VerityStream can partner with you to find this information. These types of projects identify duplicate values and include services to eliminate them based on your decisions.

Once you have the information your team can then build business rules around how to manage your data and establish governance and guidelines around them. Do yourself a favor and document these decisions and place them on a centrally located site where all can see them. Keeping this information in a central, visible location will ensure a single source of information is maintained and it is available to all. No more excuses of “I didn’t know we did it that way!”

Do yourself and the thirty-seven versions of that hospital a favor and reach out to us to address the duplication abominations.