Clinical Excellence Starts with Privileging

The health care system is going through a volume-to-value transformation with the goal of controlling cost and improving patient outcomes. Ambulatory and post-acute providers are leading the charge by reducing barriers to care and delivering better outcomes at a lower cost. Increased demand and exponential growth have, however, led to stricter industry regulations and an urgent need for ambulatory and post-acute providers to rigorously assess the clinical competency of their caregivers.

Privilege for Senior and Long-Term Care

VerityStream's Privilege kicks off the clinical competency lifecycle by standardizing and automating the process of delineating, granting, sharing, monitoring, and evaluating privilege activity. With Privilege, you receive access to the industry’s largest library of delineated privileges for hundreds of adult and pediatric specialties, including physician, advanced practice professional, and non-physician specialties. Privilege eliminates the need to conduct time-consuming research on new procedures and to confirm that privilege forms contain the most up-to-date content and qualifications required.


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Automate Privileging for Your Surgery Center

Aug 28, 2019, 15:31 PM by Nevada Bodmer
Take the burden off your staff and ensure compliance with government regulations by leveraging the most comprehensive library of evidence-based privilege delineation forms and more efficient paperless privileging processes delivered by VerityStream's Privilege solution.

Vicki Searcy, Vice President of Client Success and Consulting, VerityStream
Chris Gann, Associate Vice President of Product Management, VerityStream
Joseph Deedy, Senior Regional Account Manager, VerityStream
Sarah Cassidy, Solution Executive, VerityStream

Delineate, grant, monitor, and evaluate clinical privileges with a single solution

As payment reforms collide with consumer sentiment, and technology pushes outpatient care to new limits, outpatient surgery in the United States is growing in both frequency and complexity. As such, all eyes are on your operations and you must ensure your patients receive competent care from qualified providers.

An excellent approach to clinical privileging is one of the most critical components of your organization’s quality program. But privileging can be challenging at a busy ambulatory surgical center like yours.

It requires developing and maintaining evidence-based privilege criteria, having clearly defined privilege delineation, sharing privileging information with key stakeholders and more.

Privileging is a difficult cycle to manage for most…but not for VerityStream customers!

VerityStream's Privilege solution automates and standardizes the delineation, granting, monitoring and evaluation of clinical privileges via criteria-based, best-practice content and process management.

Attend this webinar to see how Privilege delivers:

  • Efficient, automated and paperless privileging process
  • Total coverage of a provider’s request of clinical privileges all the way through leadership’s recommendation and grant stages
  • Access to the industry’s most comprehensive library of best-practice, evidence-based privilege delineation forms for more than 100 adult and pediatric specialties, encompassing physicians, advanced practice professionals, and non-physician specialties.
  • Continuous updates to privileging data direct from national sources

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