Onboard for Health Systems, Hospitals, and Health Plans

Comprehensive Provider Onboarding with American Red Cross + HealthStream + VerityStream Integration

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You’re tasked with accelerating the process to onboard providers quickly and making sure they are properly validated. Onboard solution delivers two views into the onboarding process. Providers get access to a centralized onboarding hub that guides them through every step of the process—including assigned learning, required malpractice forms, automatically populated EFT forms, and more. At the same time, external stakeholders can view when providers complete their assigned tasks and can review or manage these tasks directly within the solution.

The American Red Cross, HealthStream, and VerityStream are committed to working together to improve resuscitation outcomes in healthcare organizations.

As part of this commitment, the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program, is now available on HealthStream’s platform, and all VerityStream customers with a HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) subscription can easily view and track BLS, ALS, and PALS certifications to accelerate onboarding, credentialing, privileging, and enrollment.

Onboard for Health Systems, Hospitals, and Health Plans

If you do not have a Resuscitation Solution already, please visit the HealthStream Resuscitation Solution Page before scheduling your personalized demonstration.

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