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Measure, Monitor, and Share Provider Performance Insights

Today’s patient-centered, value-based approach to healthcare demands that organizations continuously assess and report on the clinical competence of care providers. This type of assessment requires a fair process built around relevant data and sharable outputs. But knowing what to measure, how to collect meaningful data from numerous and disparate sources, and the best way to create robust reports remains a struggle in many non-acute care settings.

Verity Evaluate-Ensuring Clinical Excellence and Driving Performance Improvement

VerityStream Evaluate brings definition and process to your quest for compliance. With Evaluate, you can measure, monitor and share provider performance insights to comply with regulatory requirements while also improving the quality of care delivered. Evaluate solutions present a holistic view of provider performance – from procedure volume reports and drillable clinical outcomes data – to a streamlined review of individual cases for quality concern. The processes defined, data collected, and knowledge generated by Evaluate provide actionable information that enables clinical and administrative leaders to improve healthcare.


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A provider’s competency to perform granted clinical privileges must be objectively assessed on a regular basis. The number of procedures performed is a key metric to measure, and this requires a link between provider and patient data. Performance Privileges analyzes provider-specific volumes related to granted privileges. Low-volume and non-granted scenarios are identified to mitigate risk, and individual provider volumes are compared to those of larger populations such as entire department or specialty.

An effective assessment of provider performance requires defined metrics, clear processes, pertinent data, and robust reporting. The amounts and types of data available can be confusing, making  meaningful assessment a challenge. Performance Metrics provides a process, the content, and the data required to conduct a comprehensive provider performance assessment, as well as the capability to assess quality from multiple perspectives and across comparable time frames. Configurable reports exceed regulatory requirements and include: clinical activity; general performance indicators; specialty-specific indicators; clinical case review results; and internal benchmarks. The solution’s library of best-practice, specialty-specific indicator content supports answers to the two-part question of “how many and how well” a provider performs.

Many data points are available when it comes to analyzing the performance of healthcare providers – knowing which pieces of data are salient and how best to present them is a challenge. Performance Premium is an all-inclusive solution that adds to the power of Performance Metrics by expanding the number and type of data elements (national benchmarks, MACRA scores, CAHPS ratings, social reputation metrics, and more) featured in provider reports in order to broaden the definition of competency. Performance Premium represents a one-stop-shop for everything related to provider performance.

Peer review is often a manual and inefficient process for healthcare organizations. Case Review allows healthcare organizations to electronically track, document and share case review activities from initial screening through committee determination. With Case Review you can evaluate providers consistently and equitably with an automated and streamlined review process that leverages data-based observations. Secure, online connectivity of all stakeholders, including providers and reviewing bodies, yields effective and meaningful peer review.

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