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Secure, Intuitive Caregiver / Facility Data Collection

If you are a credentialing or enrollment professional in the Ambulatory/Post Acute healthcare market responsible for collecting data and enrolling caregivers or facilities, we know you spend thousands of hours every year processing paperwork. In fact, only a little over half of the professionals we surveyed use some type of software solution to help automate their processes. The rest continue to manage credentialing and enrollment by keeping data in paper files, Excel spreadsheets, Access, and homegrown databases.

Secure, Intuitive Caregiver / Facility Data Collection

As the pressure mounts to deliver a higher standard of care at a lower cost, manual, paper-based processes with time consuming redundant requirements won’t keep up. You need a comprehensive, automated, mobile-enabled solution that streamlines the information capture process for caregivers and facilities. You need Apply.

VerityStream’s Apply solution streamlines the process of collecting caregiver and facility data. Providers can digitally add and update their own data through a secure, intuitive portal, and professionals responsible for facility enrollment and credentialing can take advantage of pre-populated facility applications.


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